Public Lands
I will Protect clean air, clean water and the Gallatin River watershed. We must invest in conservation and public lands to fight wildfires, heal our soils, forests, and prairie lands. I will prioritize protecting our roadless areas.

Fair share income taxation
I support and a repeal of SB 407 aka the “Judy Martz Tax Cuts.”
These cuts have given over $48 million in tax benefits annually to the 1.5k plus Montanans making over $500k a year, while those at the bottom see no real relief. Repealing the Martz tax cuts would give property owners tax relief and add an estimated $200 million to our annual state budget. We need to focus on restoring the service cuts effecting people with disabilities, the elderly, mentally ill, children as well as infrastructure projects.

Tackle Climate change
I will prioritize saving Montana families money with investments in electrification with renewable energy, weatherization, public transportation, modern infrastructure and rural high-speed broadband.
I will prioritize justice for frontline Montana communities, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly. 

Public Education
I will work to end the unaccountable profit-motive of charter schools and will prioritize tax dollar funding for Montana public schools. I will prioritize expanding collective bargaining rights and teacher tenure, and funding out-of-pocket expenses for classroom materials.
I will work to make schools safe and inclusive by protecting the rights of all students from harassment, discrimination, and violence.

I believe that Healthcare is a human right. I support the Medicaid Expansion bill of 2018 and will fight any efforts to repeal it. From our rural areas to our towns and cities, I will prioritize expanding healthcare to ALL Montanans.

Local Government Control
I will prioritize local government control, not centralized power in Helena. I will work to empower local governments to make their own decisions because I believe local governments know what’s best for their communities. This includes decisions on local taxation, environmental issues and infrastructure. 

Josh Seckinger


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